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Booking Terms and Conditions


Bookings will only be confirmed upon receipt of your deposit or confirmation from your employer / sponsor that they will fund your training (purchase order/letter/email). 25% of your course fees are classed as your deposit (regardless of how you pay for your training or how much your first payment is). This deposits element is not refundable outside of our 7 day cancellation period (see below)

Monthly payment option - if you are taking our monthly payment option, please note the following:

  • Should you choose not to complete your training course, the payments will continue as planned until your balance is cleared.
  • Certificates are requested from the appropriate awarding body provided after your account is paid in full (you can choose to clear your balance at any time). Whilst you may take assessments during your course, these are not recorded on your records until your account is clear.
  • You cannot take assessments if you fail to make your monthly payment (s).
  • If you fail to make your monthly payment, you will be given 10 working days in which to pay, if you fail to make your payment within 10 working days your FULL debt will be pursued by The Thomas Higgins Partnership, a debt collection agency. Please note, Higgins will pursue you for the FULL outstanding balance NOT your monthly payment. We are obliged to advise that this action may affect your credit rating.

If you are taking a distance learning course with us you have 12 months in which to complete all of your assessments.

If you have answered yes to any of the Medical History questions you must enclose a letter from your doctor stating that he/she understands the nature of the course and he/she is happy for you to take part. Absorb Fitness reserve the right to refuse your registration if we feel that your medical condition may be exacerbated by the proposed training.


Please read this section carefully as it contains important information should you need to cancel your training agreement.

Your course booking will be confirmed by email (or post if you have no email address). If you need to cancel this agreement, you must do so within 7 days from registration.

If you have booked a distance learning course, the cost of your e-learning is NOT refundable and to us, and therefore the cost of this is excluded from this 7 day clause. If your learning materials have already been dispatched, you will also be required return these at your own cost, and in the condition that they were received.


Period Refund
Up to 4 weeks before the course starts Full refund excluding deposit (25%)
2 Weeks before the course starts 50% refund less deposit
Less than 2 weeks or fail to attend No refund
If you leave the training / decide not to continue No refund

Deferrals (to move to a later course):

Period Charge
Up to 2 weeks before the course starts Free
Less than 2 weeks 50% cost of new course
To transfer to another course after your course has started Full cost of the new course

(theory exams / practical observations / worksheets and case studies)

If you are unable to attend on the proposed date set for your theory or practical assessment you must inform your tutor on the first day of the course. Failure to do this may result in further charges (generally £30.00 per assessment).

If you are unable to proceed with your planned assessment for medical reasons you must provide written confirmation of this from your GP.

If you are referred in any of your assessments and you have attended all of the learning sessions, Absorb Fitness will provide one re-assessment free of charge, other assessments are charged at £30.00 each.

If your course has practical assessment elements you must bring a client (a friend or a relative) to teach on the day of your assessment.



Please read this section carefully as it contains important information about our payment methods.

If you have selected to pay a 25% deposit today, you will receive an e-mail four weeks before your course is due to start to request the balancing 75% payment.

If you have selected our pay monthly option, you will be asked for a £100 payment when you book. Your card will then be used to automatically on the first of each month that follows today's date for a further £100 payment and this process will continue until your account balance is zero. You can contact us at any time to increase this amount or to clear your balance and cancel your monthly payment agreement. Please note with this method the following conditions apply:

  • Whilst your may complete assessments on your course, these are not recorded until your FULL ACCOUNT BALANCE is ZERO (this is NOT your course balance, but your full account with us - if you have booked more than one course) You can pay more each month to ensure the balance is paid as your training completes, or simply clear the balance at the end of the training, other choose to wait for their certificates.
  • If you leave the course the payments continue until your balance is cleared.
  • If your payments stop for any reason, we reserve the right to withhold training / assessments.


Upon completion of your training we will request your certificates from the appropriate awarding body. They generally take around 4-6 weeks to arrive. Your certificate will be issued with the name that you supplied at registration and any changes will incur a charge.

Certificates are issued when your account is paid in full.

If you need proof of passing your course urgently, please email our office with detailing your circumstances - again, this will only be issued once your account is clear.

Cancelling a course

It may be necessary, due to circumstances beyond our control, that we change or cancel course dates. We will notify you of these changes by post and/or telephone and you will be entitled to a full refund or free transfer to another course, if applicable.

Training Venues

Absorb Fitness agree:

  • To provide suitable venues for the purpose of your training.
  • To carry out risk assessments to ensure the safety of students.
  • To provide Public Liability Insurance for the protection of students and staff.

You agree to:

  • Treat the facilities with due consideration.
  • Access the facility for the training hours only - we have no access to these facilities outside of the training hours. The facilities are available to you only.
  • Protect your personal belongings - Absorb Fitness cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage of your personal effects.
  • Refrain from the use of mobile telephones, many of the centres we use have polices that prevent the use of mobile telephones and cameras.

Training Materials

All of your learning and assessment materials are included in your course fees, you will be asked to sign for them on the first day of your course. If you mislay or lose them and require further copies there will be additional charges.

Data Protection

Absorb fitness are registered members of the Data Commission Office and fully support the privacy if our students. We will never disclose your information to a third party unless required to by law. Our databases are password protected and we do not store any financial information.

If you would like your details removed from our systems after completing your training, please inform us by email / letter.


All learning materials are copyrighted by the awarding bodies, you must not copy or distribute these documents.

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