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Payment options @ Absorb Fitness

The following payment options are available to all learners:


Pay in full when registering - we accept card (credit and debit), cheque or direct payment to our bank account.


Have someone else fund your course - if your employer or sponsor is funding your training, please have them email us.


Pay a deposit only - If your course is not starting within the next four weeks, you can reserve a place with 25% deposit and pay the balance 4 weeks before the course starts - this option is available on all courses and works well when booking a course which is not starting for some time.


Pay monthly -  we accept monthly payments for all courses. The minumum deposit is £100, followed by monthly payments of a minumum of £100.


Please note, by selecting this option you are agreeing to the following conditions:


Your payments start on the 1st of the month following registration (not when your course starts)


Your certificate/passing confirmation is issued when your account balance is completely clear.

(some students pay more each month to ensure the balance is paid as the training completes, or simply clear the balance at the end of the training, other choose to let their planned payments continue and wait for their certificates).


If you leave the course, your payments continue until your balance is cleared.


If your payments stop for any reason, we reserve the right to withhold training / assessments, until we recover your outstanding balance.


Any questions ? - email us or call us on 0191 419 0891

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