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Level 2 /
Aerobics Instructor (exercise to music)

Who is this course for?

This course is for candidates who wish to qualify as an aerobics instructor and set up sessions in their local areas or gain employment in a health club/ leisure centre. The course will provide you with all the skills and knowledge you need to teach a broad range of clients. It is also an entry level qualification which can be a stepping stone to other disciplines such as indoor cycling, circuit training or Body Training Systems.

Course Content

Anatomy and physiology including: - the heart and circulatory system - the respiratory system - structure and function of the skeleton - musculoskeletal system - postural and core stability - the nervous and energy systems and their relation to exercise.

How to maintain health, safety and welfare in a variety of fitness environments, including the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults.

How to programme safe and effective exercise for a range of clients, the health benefits of physical activity and the importance of healthy eating How to communicate with clients effectively, and motivate clients to adhere to an exercise programme.

The skills and knowledge required to plan and prepare a group exercise session with apparently healthy adults. This may include young people in the 14-16 age range, provided they are part of a larger adult group. Client groups also covered are older adults, ante and postnatal clients and disabled clients provided the relevant contraindications and key safety guidelines are observed.

Course Structure

The theory units are delivered through a variety of lecture and class discussions and are supported by Power Point presentation and student handbooks. The practical unit is delivered in a fitness studio in the form of teaching workshops and practical experiences.


Theory - Two of the theory units are assessed by an externally set multiple choice exams. There are 40 questions on each exam and you must get at least 28 correct answers on each to pass. You will receive you result within 24 hours of taking the exam.

The remaining two theory units are assessed by an externally set worksheets; you complete the answers throughout the course and submit to your tutor for assessment.

Practical - You will provide some of your practical evidence needed in class with your fellow students (continuous assessments) and the remaining evidence at the end of the course (summative assessment) when you will be asked to bring a participant into the training venue who will act as a client in your class. A trained assessor will monitor your performance against set criteria that you will have become familiar with during the course. Following a short evaluation, you will receive your result.

Additional Information

Course costs include handbooks, Certificate and all assessment materials. Home practice/working is required with this course. This course enables you to register on REP's at Level 2.

Aerobics Instructor
Course Dates

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Course Cost

£445.00 Full course

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£345.00 with prior learning - L2 GYM or L2 Aqua (half days)

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