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Level 2 /
Circuit Training Instructor

Who is this course for?

This course is for candidates who have already qualified as an Exercise to Music or Gym Instructor and wish to progress the skills to lead circuit training sessions. You will learn how to plan and adapt circuit classes for a variety of clients with differing skill and fitness levels.

Course Content

The skills and knowledge required to plan and deliver a Circuit Training session with apparently healthy adults. This may include young people in the 14-16 age range, provided they are part of a larger adult group. Client groups also covered are older adults, ante and postnatal clients and disabled clients provided the relevant contraindications and key safety guidelines are observed.

Course Structure

The theory is delivered through a variety of lecture and class discussions and are supported by Power Point presentation and student handbooks. The practical unit is delivered in a fitness studio in the form of teaching workshops and practical experiences.


Practical - After planning a session within the course guidelines, you need to bring a participant (a friend or a relative) to the training venue and lead them and other members of the class (min 8) through your planned session. A trained assessor will monitor your performance against set criteria that you will have become familiar with during the course. Following a short evaluation, you will receive your result.

Additional Information

Course costs include handbook, CYQ Certificate and all assessment materials. Home practice required. This qualification does not grant you full level 2 status on REP's but carries 20 CPD points.

Circuit Training Instructor
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Course Location


Course Duration


Course Cost


Certified by

CYQ – Central YMCA Qualifications


Entry Requirements

Level 2 Certificate in Exercise to Music or Gym

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