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Level 2 /
Exercise and Physical Activity for Youngsters

Who is this course for?

This qualification is aimed at the learner who wants to pursue a career in the health and fitness industry as a fitness instructor in the context of exercise and physical activity for or at those already running such sessions without a formal qualification. You will learn how to plan and teach group sessions deliver exercise sessions for youngsters aged 5 to 16 years. This Exercise Fitness Course is ideal for people wishing to work with youngsters such as after school club leaders, youth workers and teachers. This Exercise Course enables individuals to build fitness programmes for youngsters.

Course Content

  • Warm-ups and cool-downs
  • Psychological barriers for participation
  • Plan, teach and evaluate a safe and effective youngsters exercise programme
  • Exercise appropriate for obese youngsters and contra-indications (not appropriate) for obese children
  • Conduct and evaluate health related exercise sessions
  • Appropriate motivational techniques
  • How to adapt sessions for children with special needs

Course Structure

The theory units are delivered through a variety of lecture and class discussions and are supported by Power Point presentation and student handbooks and home working workbooks. The practical unit is delivered in s fitness studio/sports hall in the form of teaching workshops and practical experiences.


Theory - Two of the theory units are assessed by an externally set multiple choice exams. There are 40 questions on each exam and you must get at least 28 correct answers on each to pass. You will receive you result within 10 working days of taking the exam.

The remaining two theory units are assessed by an externally set worksheets; you complete the answers throughout the course and submit to your tutor for assessment.

Practical – You are required to plan a session for each age group within the course guidelines. You will provide some of your practical evidence needed in class with your fellow students (continuous assessments) and the remaining evidence at the end of the course (summative assessment) when you will be asked to bring a child into the training venue who will act as a participant in your class. A trained assessor will monitor your performance against set criteria that you will have become familiar with during the course. Following a short evaluation, you will receive your result.

As this is a short course, you must attend weeks one and two. If you miss week three or four, you can only complete this course by submitting DVD recordings of your practical sessions.

Additional Information

Course costs include handbook, CYQ Certificate and all assessment materials. Home working is required. 20 REP’s points - This course enables you to register on REP's at Level 2.

Exercise and Physical Activity for youngsters
Course Dates

Starts {startdate/date} for 4 {day}

You must attend the first two sessions (see assessment guide).

Course Location


Course Duration

{duration} 12.00-16.00

Course Cost

£199.00 if your existing L2 is CYQ awarded (unit certificates) £259 if your existing L2 is NOT CYQ awarded (unit certificates) £345 for a full L2 certificate £445 for a full L2 (incl theory)

Certified by

CYQ – Central YMCA Qualifications

Exercise for Kids


Entry Requirements

To register on the 4 day option you must be in possession of an existing Level 2 Certificate in Gym, ETM or Aqua.

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