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Level 3 / Active IQ Diploma in Instructing Pilates Matwork (QCF)

Who is this course for?

This qualification is aimed at instructors who wish to teach Mat Pilates, either in a group or one to one situation.  There are no formal prerequisites for this qualification, however, it is expected that candidates have a basic level of knowledge and experience of practising Mat Pilates prior to attending the course.  This course enables existing Level 2 Mat Pilates Instructors to upgrade their qualification to Level 3, which is now the required standard to apply for REP’s registration as a Mat Pilates instructor.

Course Content

Exercise Theory - Advanced anatomy and physiology to include; bones and joints, muscles and muscle actions, cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous/endocrine systems, components of fitness, principles of training and models of behaviour change

Practical - You will learn the underpinning knowledge which is essential for Pilates mat instructors in planning safe and effective sessions, including:

Principles of the Pilates method, basic fundamental theory relating to spinal stabilisation, identifying postural types and muscle imbalances.

Candidates will be able to identify exercises which have evolved from the original 34 mat-work moves and learn how to adapt, modify and progress those exercises to suit their participants needs.

Course Structure

The theory units are delivered through our home eLearning system and supported by student handbooks. The practical unit is delivered in the form of teaching workshops, master classes and practical experiences.


The theory units are assessed by an externally set multiple choice exams (you may not need to take these exams if you have complete these previously).  There is also a written worksheet to complete on the principles of Pilates.

Case study - you must chose a client to work with and complete case study paperwork provided by ACTIVE IQ, this will be assessed by the course tutor using standardised marking. You will be asked to produce a 12 week progressive Pilates exercise programme for this client which meet the client’s needs and postural type. 

Practical - to evidence your practical skills you are required to teach and evaluate a Pilates mat-work session (support by a detailed lesson plan for the planned session). A trained assessor will monitor your performance against set criteria that you will have become familiar with during the course. Following a short evaluation, you will receive your result.

Additional Information

Course costs include handbooks, Certificate and all assessment materials. Home working/practice is needed with this course. This course enables you to register on REP's at Level 3.

Pilates Instructor
Course Dates

{startdate/date} for 7 x Sat 10.00-16.00

Course Location


Course Duration

{duration} plus home / pre-study.

Course Cost

Full course £700.00
With existing L3 theory £600.00 Pay Monthly available

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Entry Requirements


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